Summer Home Maintenance

It's summertime. We think you need to take a hike. Literally.

 You should be doing this. (Though we don't do pools. Yet.)

You should be doing this. (Though we don't do pools. Yet.)

Why are you reading this? Get outside and enjoy yourself—right after you give us a call. 

Getting your home ready for summer doesn't have to be a chore. Nor does paying energy bills. We're a whiz when it comes making every penny count, and summer is no exception—which is why we'd love to help keep your home cool with new window awnings, spruce up your exterior paint, stain your deck, and more.

Our Summer Home Maintenance package includes all of the checks, maintenance, and repairs your home should receive annually. Let us take care of it. You've got other things you could be doing. 

What's Included

  • Add window awnings outside (to create shade and save money)
  • Change the direction of ceiling fan blades to counterclockwise (to push air down.)
  • Touch up chipped outdoor paint
  • Repair damaged siding
  • Enhance the look of your deck (sand, seal and stain to create a beautiful outdoor living space)
  • Add new hardware and a fresh coat of paint or stain to front door (remember—the front door is the first thing guests look at when approaching a home)
  • Clear weeds, rocks, dirt and other debris from around fence posts (to prevent wood rot from excess moisture)