Spring Home Maintenance

Go do springy things. We've got this. 

 Not pictured: distractions

Not pictured: distractions

The sun is out. The kids are at school.
And you've got the day off.

We all know it's better to enjoy rare moments like this than it is to power wash your deck, replace outdoor light bulbs, or repair a window screen. Enter Honey Do Handyman Crew.  

Our Spring Home Maintenance package includes all of the checks, maintenance, and repairs your home should receive annually. Let us take care of it. You've got relaxing to do. 

What's Included

  • Gutter clean and repair
  • Check all downspouts to make sure they are clean
  • Power wash, seal, and stain decks
  • Repair or replace any damaged window screens
  • Check all exterior doors and locks for proper operation
  • Check weather stripping all on doors and windows
  • Replace burned-out exterior light bulbs
  • Check insulation in attic for proper R-rating
  • Check all fencing and gates
  • Check dryer vents to make sure they are clean
  • Check outside hose bibs for leaks (inside plumbing)
  • Check for wood rot around windows
  • Check garage door for proper operation