Door repair

Open a new door or two.

 Omaha door repair

Your doors' potential, unlocked.

Repairing or replacing old doors isn't just a matter of improving your home's look—it's also a matter of safety. Doors with broken locks, loose knobs, or weak hinges can not only lower your home's value—they can also give would-be intruders an opportunity.

With the help of our door repair experts, you and your family will feel both proud and safe in your home. We'll handle the project from conception to completion if you prefer—but we'd love a chance to collaborate with you. Give us your ideas, and we'll show you what's possible. 

What We Do

  • Repair or replace interior and exterior doors
  • Repair or replace sliding doors, french doors, pocket doors, and more
  • Replace knobs, hinges, and locks
  • Repair or replace door frames
  • Replace, repair, or refinish trim

...and more!